Artist Statement

I draw in such a manner as if a plant is growing from its seed; I put an abstract entity, or as I would like to call it, a “Center” on the paper and grow it. Therefore my drawings are the result of duplication and proliferation of these centers based on patterns and images that have been stored in my subconscious mind through life. Resembling the process of growth, my meticulous drawings come to life with a gradual formation in level of details; they are harmonious whole yet developed step-by-step; organic yet abstract; unpredictable yet mathematical; ordered yet chaotic; still yet fluxing. There is a continuous transformation in the process of emerging; an ongoing dialogue between formation and deformation in which my drawings unfold only a spectrum of it.

Being inspired by the simple system of DNA structure that creates complex morphologies, my drawings are created by a simple system of dots and lines with internal interactions in order to create different shapes within a simple framework. (The sequences of 4 nucleobases in DNA create millions of different species on earth. It means that all known forms of life on Earth are derived from a four-letter alphabet.)



Born and raised in Iran, Azadeh Sahraeian holds a master of architecture from Azad university of Shiraz, Iran. Since 2012 she has been creating meticulous abstract pen drawings on paper. Her artworks which are at the intersection of architecture, science and philosophy focus on the relationship between form, formation, growth and time. Her works have been exhibited in the United States, including Athenaeum Gallery (Alexandria, VA), Friends School (Baltimore, MD), By The People + Monochrome Collective Art Fair (Georgetown, DC), DC Arts Center (Washington DC), Schlesinger Arts Center at NOVA (Alexandria, VA), Allegany Arts Council (Cumberland, MD), Touchstone Gallery (Washington DC), 311 Gallery (Raleigh NC), Craven Arts Council and Gallery INC. (New Bern NC), Mark Arts (Wichita, KS) and Limner Gallery (Hudson, NY).

Prior to their immigration to the United States in 2013, Azadeh and her husband Arash were working together to define a design methodology inspired by natural processes and in a mutual relationship with science. Their works and papers have been published in International Conference on Information and Knowledge Engineering (Las Vegas), Shiraz contemporary architects’ annual book (Shiraz, Iran) and Gozaresh quarterly (Shiraz, Iran).

Azadeh lives and works in North Bethesda, MD. Her works can be found in private collections throughout the DC area.